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Hello and welcome! A little about me, I grew up in rural Alaska where gardening alongside my mother was a way of life. We grew flowers, vegetables, and herbs for beauty, health, and frankly, survival. Fast forward many years, and I found myself renting a small home in Idaho suburbia. Lacking growing space and a sense of permanence, the joy of gardening had fallen by the wayside. Sure, I'd purchase a few annual flowers from the local garden store every year, but something was missing. A few years ago, I planted my first English Lavender plant. It exploded with beautiful, fragrant flowers that attrack copius amounts of bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. I began studying lavender and its numerous benefits and became obsessed! I discovered the compatibility and benefits of planting lavender, sage, and rosemary together and suddenly my home was filled with plant lights and herb filled potting trays! With each summer that passes, I get a little bit more creative with my limited growing space and continue to explore interplanting various herb varieties. My massive learning curve has inspired the creation of Growing with Herbs in the hopes that it will become a platform where we can share, learn, and grow together. Please join me in my continued journey of herbal discovery!

A stunning lavender blossom
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